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icon Keyline Vermont
Offers permaculture and keyline design and consulting services
icon Financial Permaculture
A blob focusing on financial permaculture and, by the looks of it, a whole lot more, all about financial permaculture
icon Tour De Coops
On raising urban chickens, ducks, and quail
icon Off the Contour #11 - Permaculture & Ecological Design Principles
Several lists of principles
icon Toby Hemenway on Ecological Design and Permaculture
Author's website with articles, reading list, and more
icon Terra Firma
Blog from Ecovillage Training Center
icon SustainableBuilding and Living Conference
In Kimberley, BC
icon Permaculture- A Beginner's Guide
A guide with illustrations and easy navigation
icon Ostional Private Wildlife Reserve
Project in Nicaragua
icon Heathcote Art and Science center
Science and nature resource center
icon Hippie Chick Diaries
Blog by writer and filmmaker
icon Tree Frog Permaculture
Practicing science and permaculture in Newcastle

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